Qusomes And Proprietary Bisophere- Technologies Applied In Shark Tank Creams

Shark Tank, with a number of prominent celebs, has become one of the most favorite shows to lots of people. Just as any other star in Shark Tank, Mark Cuban has also attracted thousands of fans, not only as a NBA basketball player but also as a star with glorious look. Lots of Shark Tank audiences are inquisitive to know about the facial rejuvenation product, used by Mark Cuban.

However, dermatologists of this celebrity have not initially agreed to share the formula, applied by them. But, now, we have discovered some basic facts on the product, which have produced an amazing result for Mark Cuban.

Proprietary Bisophere- How it shows a special effect on skincare cream-

There’re two main technologies, used in anti aging cream Shark Tank. One is the Proprietary Bisophere, and another one is QuSome. The first one, i.e. Proprietary Bisophere has the capability of reversing the process of aging that often affects the look of your skin. While the layers of skin have absorbed the cream, this Proprietary Bisophere shows its action on the damaged tissue of skin. Moreover, it also helps in releasing new collagen, which allows you to have tighter skin. Many of the beauty experts researched on this technology, and they had observed its capacity to reduce almost seventy percent of facial wrinkles of women over thirty. The scientists of Harvard have also said that Shark Tank cream is a unique product, which constitutes such innovative formula.

QuSomes- The newest but potent option to treat your skin

Another technology, associated with Shark Tank cream is QuSomes, and it depends mainly on the layers with full of special ingredients. This technology is comparable to microscopic bubbles, which are stocked with some active components. The experts have noticed the alternative use of water and fat soluble elements on those layers.

While you have applied QuSomes, all these layers get absorbed simultaneously. Since every QuSome layer becomes absorbed or treated well, subsequent level remains exposed. The best facts about QuSomes are-

  • The internal components are effective to get into the deeper skin layers
  • Active constituent, present in higher amount

Molecules of QuSomes are able to hold almost a thousand times of the load in the water. Thus, while soaked up with the skin, they work on the spots, which have possibility of causing wrinkles. The technology restores these affected areas, including, neck, forehead and parts near eyes. Some reputable physicians explained these things about the two technologies.

Though there is only a limited amount of research done on QuSomes, the Shark Tank celebs have provided its effective in the application of skin care products.

You can cure almost ninety eight percent of the wrinkles, sagging and dehydration of skin. Though many beauty care tricks are available, they are mostly inexpensive. So, you can follow the recommendations of Mark Cuban and his dermatologists. To give you a glowing look as a star, the above two technologies, used in beauty care supplements, are incomparable.